Planting Seeds…One Human at a Time

Planting seeds. What does planting seeds mean to you? I can’t possibly answer that question for you, but I can for me.

When I was a child, I was fascinated with the steps my Mother took to grow our garden. She tilled the soil, adding in natural fertilizer, hilled the rows up, made sure there was not one weed left behind, then chose with particular care the seeds she wanted to plant, putting much thought into when to plant each type of seed as well. Being the inquisitive child that I was, I asked question after question.

Why do you till the soil? Because we must prepare the growing ground by breaking up the hardened clay. The seeds cannot sprout through hardened soil. Failing to prepare the growing ground will lead to naught.

Why add the cow manure? Because we must feed the soil, for seeds need nourishment to grow.

Why do you hill the rows? Because we must plant the seeds upon high ground to keep them from being drowned or washed away by the heavy rains. Then we can direct the water into the channels between the rows.

Why do you pull up the weeds? Because the tiny seedlings will be strangled by the weeds and the weeds will steal the nourishment from the soil, leaving the tiny seedlings to starve and die.

How do you decide which seeds to plant? I choose with care to plant only the seeds which will provide the perfect nourishment our bodies need.

But Mama, why do you plant some seeds on this day and some seeds on that day? Because certain seeds need to be planted when the signs and times are right. To plant a seed when the sign and time is not perfect will lead to naught. The seed will wither and die before ever popping its head above ground, or it will become a seedling which is so weak and spindly the first mild wind will destroy it, or even worse, it will become a mature plant which bears no fruit at all.

As I grew up, many times I saw the wisdom of my Mama’s words.

Yes, she was speaking of gardening, but as with all things in my life, the metaphoric symbology of Planting Seeds never left my mind.

We are all Seed Planters from birth. Most of the time unconsciously. It is time for us all to become conscious Seed Planters. We are ready and fully capable. I hope to open minds to the necessity of Planting Seeds with full, conscious intent. One Human at a time…


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